Apr 10, 2014

Diamondback Energy, Inc. Provides Interim Q1 2014 Operational Update and 2014 Guidance Update

MIDLAND, Texas, April 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diamondback Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq:FANG) ("Diamondback" or the "Company") today announced updated guidance for the full year of 2014 to reflect its recent acquisition in southwest Martin County and provided an operational update for the quarter ended March 31, 2014.


  • Q1 2014 production increased 30% to 13.6 Mboe/d from Q4 2013, with a quarter-end exit rate in excess of 16 Mboe/d.
  • Full year 2014 production guidance increases 10% from 15 to 16 Mboe/d to 16 to 18 Mboe/d. This reflects an estimated 132% production growth year over year at the midpoint of the estimated production range, 2.5-3.0 Mboe/d of this production growth is estimated to come from our mineral interests.
  • On February 28, 2014 Diamondback closed another accretive acquisition of 6,450 gross (4,785 net) acres in Martin County for an asset purchase price of $294.4 million from private sellers.
  • Fifth horizontal rig added as planned.
  • In Martin County:

--The Mabee Breedlove 22-1H well in northwest Martin County, with a 8,296 foot lateral, achieved a peak 24 hour initial production ("IP") rate of 1,029 boe/d (87% oil) on electric submersible pump ("ESP"), with a peak 30 day rate of 788 boe/d (85% oil).

--The Nail 2601H well in southern Martin County, with a 4,552 foot lateral, achieved a peak 24 hour IP rate 1,265 boe/d (87% oil) on ESP, with a peak 30 day rate of 832 boe/d (84% oil).

  • In Upton County:

--The Charlotte B - 2H well, with a 9,995 foot lateral, achieved a peak 24 hour IP rate of 1,201 boe/d (89% oil) on ESP with a peak 30 day rate of 887 boe/d (88% oil). This well was drilled in the western block of the Company's Upton County acreage position.

  • In Midland County:

--The ST 4504H well, with a 5,041 lateral length, achieved a peak 24 hour IP rate of 1,454 boe/d (86% oil).


"We are encouraged by our continued horizontal well success across our acreage base and we are especially excited about our results further north in the Midland Basin. Early indications from the Mabee Breedlove 22-1H in northwest Martin County appear to better than industry offset wells by more than 25%. These early results appear to validate our production model on this acreage block acquired last year for considerably below current market prices," commented Diamondback CEO, Travis Stice. Stice continued, "We exited the quarter at more than 16 Mboe/d of production; however we continue to expect production variability going forward due to the effects of pad drilling."


  • 11 operated Wolfcamp B wells were completed during Q1 2014, ten of which have sufficient production history for an average 24 hour ("IP") rate of 989 boe/d (90% oil) from an average lateral length of 6,548 feet.
  • Eight of these wells have sufficient production history for an average peak 30 day rate of 696 boe/d (85% oil) from an average lateral length of 6,510 feet.
  • Diamondback expects to complete 17 to 20 wells per quarter going forward in 2014.

Diamondback has completed its first well in Dawson County, a 7,975 foot lateral targeting the Wolfcamp B, which is currently in early stages of flowback. Upcoming strategic well tests are listed below:


Well Name


Target Zone

Kent CSL A 1701H Dawson 7,975' Wolfcamp B Flowback Operations Underway
ST NW 2501 LS Midland ~5,000' Lower Spraberry Flowback Operations Underway
UL Mason 1H Andrews ~7,500' Wolfcamp B Completion Operations Underway
Neal F Unit 8 #6LS Upton ~7,500' Lower Spraberry Drilled; Awaiting Completion


On February 28, 2014, Diamondback acquired 6,450 gross (4,785 net) acres in Martin County for $294.4 million from private sellers. Additionally, in separate asset acquisitions in Martin County, the Company acquired approximately 1,500 net acres, with approximately 70 boe/d of current production, for approximately $19 million which the Company believes is prospective in numerous horizontal targets. The Company was also able to acquire additional mineral interests in Midland County, adding approximately 126 net mineral acres with approximately 25 boe/d of production for approximately $3.9 million. Diamondback's acreage position now stands at approximately 72,000 net leasehold acres and approximately 12,700 net mineral acres.


Diamondback Energy, Inc.
Selected Operating Data
 Three Months Ended March 31,
Production Data:    
Oil (MBbl)  960  301
Natural gas (MMcf)  708  351
Natural gas liquids (MBbls)  142  71
Oil Equivalents (1)(2) (MBOE)  1,220  431
Average daily production(2) (BOE/d)  13,552  4,788
% Oil 79% 70%
(1) Bbl equivalents are calculated using a conversion rate of six Mcf per one Bbl.
(2) The volumes presented are based on actual results and are not calculated using the rounded numbers in the table above.




Energy Inc
Total Net Production - MBoe/d 13.5 - 15.0 2.5 - 3.0 16.0 - 18.0
Unit costs ($/boe)      
Lease operating expenses $7.00 -- $8.00 $0.00 $6.00 -- $7.00
G&A $2.50 -- $3.50 $0.00 $2.00 -- $3.00
DD&A $22.00--$24.00 $26.00--$28.00 $23.00 -- $25.00
Production and Ad Valorem Taxes (% of Revenue) (a) 7.0% 7.5% 7.1%
$ - million      
Gross Horizontal Well Costs (b) $6.9 -- $7.4 n/a $6.9 -- $7.4
Horizontal Wells Drilled (net) 65-75 (52 - 60) n/a 65-75 (52 - 60)
Gross Vertical Well Costs $2.0 -- $2.2 n/a $2.0 -- $2.2
Gross Vertical Wells Drilled (net) 20-25 (16 - 20) n/a 20-25 (16 - 20)
Capital Expenditures $425 -- $475 n/a $425 -- $475
Interest Expense (net of interest income) n/a n/a $36.0 -- $38.0
a - Includes production taxes of 4.6% for crude oil and 7.5% for natural gas and NGLs and ad valorem taxes.
b -Assumes a 7,500' average lateral length.

About Diamondback Energy, Inc.

Diamondback is an independent oil and natural gas company headquartered in Midland, Texas focused on the acquisition, development, exploration and exploitation of unconventional onshore oil and natural gas reserves in the Permian Basin in West Texas. Diamondback's activities are primarily focused on the Clearfork, Spraberry, Wolfcamp, Cline, Strawn and Atoka formations, which we refer to collectively as the Wolfberry play.

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